All eight of my albums...soon to be nine.

I am writing this blog on Saturday April 29, 2023. You will see this published on May 6 when the next album is about to be recorded.

The above pic features all eight of my albums, soon to be nine. Some people have asked if MOOD SWINGS was my first album, and understandably so. When I tell them it’s my 8th, they say “Wow really? I had no idea.”

I need to fix that.

It’s not anyone’s fault that people aren’t aware of my discography. Granted, some of these albums are long out-of-print. I didn’t even expect to make two albums, let alone almost nine. The first cd TWISTED METAL was initially done purely for Ibanez clinics…twenty years ago!! It came out October 4, 2003 when I debuted it at Rondo Music (Union NJ) in front of a crowd who looked at me like “I never heard of you.” After that day, things took on a life of their own. I thought back then “Okay so I will do this cd, sell it at clinics, and then wipe my hands clean and call it a day.”

Not so fast.

It was also on that date when I officially became an endorser for Ibanez guitars. It was a new chapter in my life…a VERY new chapter. Suddenly I felt vital and, yes, important. I felt unstoppable. I was never taken seriously (and in some ways, am still not) but when that deal happened, all bets were off. No longer was I the “delusional dreamer”. So between that and the release of TWISTED METAL, I wore my Superman cape.

My creativity began to blossom since the deal happened. I wrote a second album ALL WIRED UP. Then a third JUPITER RETURN. You see a theme here? Had it not been for the guys at Ibanez saying “You’re in”, I doubt very strongly that I’d be forging this so-called instrumental career.

So here we are, 20 years later. Still with Ibanez. Still writing and recording music. Still the same hair. Musicians have come and gone in my life but somehow I still press forward. And when you read this, I will be in the studio with Mike and Brian working on opus nine.

Time to be taken more seriously, people…

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Guitarist/guitar teacher/cat lover in New Jersey.


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