Pic taken tonight in between songs. We can play and pose at the same time.

Breathe deep…we have one more rehearsal next week.

And then it’s album time.

Tonight was of course amazing. Now it’s crunch time. No nail-biting but still those feelings of “This is really happening” are, well, happening. Picked apart some of the songs, made the tiniest changes but will definitely improve the material. Mike and Brian make this the heaviest line-up to date. (Weight has nothing to do with it!)

Since it’s THISCLOSE to recording, now we zero in on little fills and whatnot. If something works, we all look at each other in approval. If not, we go to Plan B or throw something out entirely. If it doesn’t make our ear hairs stand at attention, get rid of it. Period.

Also have to work on song arrangement for the album. I can make things flow nicely but these guys have ideas, and I am willing to listen. One thing is certain, I know what will be the first song and the last. The rest, well we have to juggle around and see how things go. There’s some crushingly heavy (there’s that word again!) songs, a couple that are a bit more commercial, and one spacey ballad of sorts. I also wrote an acoustic tune, first one since GO BERZERK! (2011) and if the guys think it fits, great. If not, I will release it as a non-album single maybe next year.

Of course once everything is recorded, mixed, and mastered, I have to think of what to release for a first single/video. So many ideas but one will be THE FIRST. This won’t be easy.

But it will melt your speakers 🙂

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