Get ready for my 9th studio album with a first: two drummers!
Front cover artwork for new album MOOD SWINGS!


Signature Steve Bello guitar pick for sale!

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New album MOOD SWINGS out right now!! Go to the WHAT’S IN STORE page to order your signed hard copy!!!

Brand-new photo by Franco Frassetti taken at Bulletproof Studios (Hazlet, NJ)


Steve Bello is an international guitar player/songwriter with eight albums under his belt, as well as many endorsements (all listed below). He has been a guitar player for over 40 years, turned professional in 1988, and also a private guitar/bass teacher for over 20 years.


  • “The Pink Album” (2002)–out of print (was not an official release)
  • TWISTED METAL (2003)–out of print
  • ALL WIRED UP (2004)–out of print
  • JUPITER RETURN (2005)–in print via CD Baby and iTunes
  • ABOUT TO EXPLODE! (2008)–out of print
  • GO BERZERK! (2011)–in print via CD Baby and iTunes; Editor’s Pick on CD Baby, and impressive review in M Music Magazine
  • LAYERS OF TIME (2015)–download only
  • MARBLEHEAD (2018)–download only
  • REFURBISHED (2019)–download only
  • MOOD SWINGS (2021) —available as of 8.25.21!!

*Released “Quicker Than The Devil” as a single-only on March 25, 2015.

​*Released “Smash The Past” on May 28, 2020, and “Climbing The Walls” on June 3, 2020 as singles only (previously unreleased from a 2006 session). Can be streamed on iTunes, iHeart, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify, etc.

​*Released “Snowglobe” on August 28, 2020; originally intended for a Christmas Spotify playlist compiled by Rose Alaimo, then released to other streaming sites. 

*Released “Tired Wings (2021)” on January 6, 2021; not a re-make but pulled from out-of-print 2004 cd ALL WIRED UP, and remastered with added effects.

*Released “Pieces Of Light” on October 14, 2022; non-album single (very ambient!)

GO BERZERK!, LAYERS OF TIME, MARBLEHEAD, REFURBISHED, and all non-album singles can be purchased through the WHAT’S IN STORE page here, or stevebello.bandcamp.com


 Steve can be reached via email  steviehimself@aol.com 

Three songs from MOOD SWINGS added in rotation: Shred Channel

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