New Hendrix shirt! And the altar of Orange amps too!

I waited a couple of days to talk about last Sunday’s rehearsal. I know some of you are thinking “It’s rehearsal, what’s so exciting?”

I’ll tell you…

Mike and I worked on another new song, and so far this was the fastest a song came together! No, it’s not THE fastest song (that belongs to the tune we worked on two weeks ago) but this one flowed nicely. I was afraid the song was a bit too commercial-sounding but then realized that if my arm hairs stand up, it’s a keeper.

Mike plowed through the song like I’d never seen him do before. He exclaimed that he really likes this piece, along with the other songs, and that it’s the most up-tempo music I’ve written. He is right but it wasn’t planned that way. Some songs go back to Xmas 2021, and I guess because MOOD SWINGS was (and still is) selling nicely at the time, my own mood was positive. I always say that I write what feels good. These songs, so far, are proof.

Next Sunday will be a regular rehearsal, so no blog there (HA) But if the planets line up, will there be another surprise in store the following Sunday? Hmmm…

As for the pic above: Jimi Hendrix will always be the GOAT.


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