Pic taken before I restrung one of my Ibanez 7s. I know how to party!

Well here we are, the end of the year. Yes, it’s early December but I say this every thing: “Where did the year go?” We all say that, right?


This has been one hell of a year for me. Started off with doing some shows with the cover band Naked Glory, and while those were fun, my heart obviously belongs to doing quirky instrumental music. So with that in mind, my trio played two killer shows this year. First one back in March for a benefit show, second one in July for Metalfest 7. Safe to say that my return to the stage (after saying ‘screw it’ in 2019) was a triumphant one. And when you have the rhythm section from Attacker next to you, there’s no such thing as mediocrity. I won’t allow it, and neither will Mike and Brian.

I didn’t win Male Album Of The Year with the ISSA but I walked away with an award for Instrumental Artist Of The Month back in October! So that was sweet vindication. Those who kept/keep saying “You need a singer”, I just proved that one is not needed. And I noticed some people got very quiet when I won…hmmm…

Also made a move to a new guitar cable company called Ampturco, based out of Scranton PA. People asked me “What happened with Spectraflex?” and the answer is simple: the owner retired, and I felt it was time to move on. I have nothing against him or the company at all. We had a great eight-year relationship but when I saw ads for Ampturco, I reached out to Anthony Turco and said “Hey I want to try your cables.” And soon after, he signed me up as an artist endorser in July. I am super pleased with the cables and have since helped other artists try them too.

Oh and I am working on album #9 with Mike Sabatini once again, as you know. And while this will be the ninth opus, it will be the first with TWO drummers on it. No, not like .38 Special or Grateful Dead, but rather one guest drummer in TC Tolliver (Plasmatics/TM Stevens). I was hoping to snag a bassist for the album but looks like I am taking one for the team 🙂 Mike and I have a couple of songs happening with obviously more coming soon. And like last time, we will rehearse (almost) every Sunday starting next year until we both agree it’s time to record. Mike is definitely stoked for the new songs, says they are more uptempo but still funky and metal. And that’s the name of the game: progressive funk metal.

Think I need to start a new trend: NWOPFM (New Wave Of Progressive Funk Metal). What do you think?

Thank you all for the tremendous support this year, as well as years prior. Let’s make 2023 a HUGE one, shall we?

I am ready!

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