Rainy and blah weather doesn't stop the metal!

Had yet another rollicking rehearsal today w/Mike at his studio (Bandmother Recording) and while we didn’t work on any more new songs (yet!), the two we went over are really coming together nicely.

Nicely? In metal?!

Despite today being rainy and blah, once we played the first tune, we got lost in the music. And isn’t that what it’s all about? We may be in our 50s but we’re still pounding away like teenagers. Our bodies don’t feel like that afterwards though!

We are ramping things up for sure though. Mike said “Send the next time and we’ll get to work on that.” I sent a third demo for him to check out, and am confident he will enjoy putting drums to it. He told me today that “Your last cd had cool slow grooves, this one has more uptempo stuff.” And he is right! There’s still groove, but because of his playing style, I am coming up with faster material (the other song we went over…wow! It’s 200bpm!) and my guess is that the passion is stronger than ever before.

This third song is definitely in vein of King’s X but also has some touches of maybe…I don’t know what! It’s a quick tune, was afraid it was too commercial but screw it! If it makes my arm hairs stand at attention, it goes on the album.

So we will most likely have two more rehearsals since Christmas and New Years fall on Sundays. If things go well, and they seem to be, we may start recording in May again like last time. Whatever happens, happens. No rushing, no pushing things. The music has to be organic, the vibes have to perfect.

In metal?

You bet!

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Guitarist/guitar teacher/cat lover in New Jersey.

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