Another rehearsal with Mike in the books. And yes, a calico buddy stopped by to visit before we began work.

Is there enough coffee?!

Worked on the first song we did and then tore into a new one. And I mean TORE! WOW! This is quite possibly the fastest song I ever wrote! The guitar-only demo that I sent Mike a couple of weeks ago was pretty quick but once we started playing, we left a trail of dust in our wake.

Mike plays in his own band called Attacker; well he started the band back in 1983. They play power/thrash/heavy metal so this tune should be a walk in the park for him, right? Well, he definitely played as if he was channeling his own band but since my music isn’t known for being so normal, there’s a nice twist in the middle that’s an obvious nod to Deep Purple (but the rest of the song is like early Metallica/Loudness…hang on to your hats!) As for me, I wrote the damn song and I couldn’t keep up?!


We ripped through this song a few times, took a break, went back, played it some more, and then recorded a reference demo. Holy smokes, this is really fast (for me, at least). I always wanted my own “Fight Fire With Fire” and while that’s a lofty goal, I have to give it the ol’ college try.

My hair hurts!

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Guitarist/guitar teacher/cat lover in New Jersey.

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