First pic of yours truly as a 53-year-old...

Welcome to 53. Holy crap…

I am proud to advance in age. It’s better than the alternative. Yesterday I moved up a notch, closer to reaching the speed limit. And that’s sweet to me.

Here’s the kicker: The older I get, the more ambitious the music gets. You’d think I’d be adventurous when I was younger. I wrote some goofy stuff in my 20s but was never intended to be “Steve Bello: Solo Instrumentalist” but that changed in my 30s. And I wasn’t even trying. Somehow the music became more ‘serious’ yet still was (to quote Killer Keller) “fun guitar music”. Been listening to the two demos to get melodies happening, as well as bass lines. This will be the ninth album but the first with two drummers on it. I wrote about this one blog back, so if you subscribe, you know what referring to.

Next rehearsal with Mike will happen on November 13, work on the first tune we jammed to, and then hopefully another new one. If the planets line up, TC might record his drum parts sooner than later. And if more planets line up, then MAYBE this album will see sunlight early summer 2023. One can only hope.

Oh one more thing: To my surprise, I won the top spot for Instrumental Artist Of The Month with the ISSA! The public deemed me worthy enough to go to #1! I didn’t win Male Album Of The Year back in August, but this is just as awesome.

Now to find my walker…

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Guitarist/guitar teacher/cat lover in New Jersey.

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