Pic taken at TC's Boom Boom Room

Your eyes are not playing tricks on you again. But when I said there would be some interesting twists and turns pertaining to my next album, did you think I was kidding?

I hope not!

Yes, that is Plasmatics drummer TC Tolliver in the picture with yours truly. He will be guesting on one new song (don’t worry, Mike Sabatini is still doing the album). I drove down to TC’s place and the memories came flooding back. Last time we played together was back in September 2014, when we were rehearsed for the Germany tour w/bassist TM Stevens. Once I set up shop, we began work on the second song for the new album (Mike and I did the first one last weekend). After six run-throughs, we recorded a demo for reference. TC made a couple of small suggestions and I listened. Thankfully his little ideas worked, made the riffs funkier! Oh and when he said “I want it to be HEAVY”, there was no arm-twisting on my part 🙂

Afterwards, we talked about when he will come up to Bandmother Recording to lay down his tracks. (Oh, Mike is VERY excited to have him come up!!) Since there’s no rush to get things done, whenever our schedules line up, then we will forge ahead.

Never underestimate Steve Bello, okay? 😉

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Guitarist/guitar teacher/cat lover in New Jersey.

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