Pic taken in the basement aka "My Corner Of The Universe"

A strange feeling washed over me this morning. And we haven’t had much rain this summer either..

I only pick up a guitar when giving lessons or recording little demos. Normally I would be here in the basement (“my corner of the universe”), grabbing one of my guitars and riffing away. But so far, nothing. Am I in a rut? Or am I satisfied/vindicated because of the July 9 show? Been searching for answers and coming up dry. Been scanning YouTube, watching videos of jazz players, hoping to add more licks to my repertoire. Zero.

WTF is going on?

Was hoping for a third gig this year to cap it off but nothing materialized. That’s okay, it gives me time to focus on my ninth album. Maybe I’m better off behind the scenes? Who knows…

One thing’s certain: Seeing footage of Living Colour with Steve Vai as guest really excited me! Two of my all-time fave guitarists, one of my all-time fave bands…it was an early Xmas for me. But it also got me thinking: Why have I never gotten to that level? Maybe I was not supposed to? Granted, I really love teaching, it’s a niche that fits well. However, there’s that part of me that asks “Will I ever play a HUGE show, just one time in my life?”

Maybe it’s time to reclaim my guitar god throne…or did it ever exist in the first place?

Get back to me on that…

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Guitarist/guitar teacher/cat lover in New Jersey.

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