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Late last July, I did a phone interview with Jason Buice for his podcast called Hear For The Music. Despite battling allergies, it was definitely one of the most interesting Q&A’s that I’ve ever been a part of. Here is the link but I have to alert you all to one thing I talked about (a bit of a spoiler, perhaps):

Steve Bello Aug 24

During the chat, I somehow resurrected something from my past that was never discussed ever until now. I will not give too much away but will mention a bit of it…

I was bullied in middle school for liking Rainbow.

Yes, the band.

I won’t say much else but when you hear the podcast, you will understand why I am the way I am. It was very cathartic to talk about but was also shaking in my chair at the same time. At first I was going to ask Jason to edit that out but then I thought “People need to know how poorly I was treated for being ‘different’.”

Imagine being beat up for liking a fucking rock band?

Yeah it happened to me.

So when you listen to the interview, picture a short-haired zit-face 13-year-old being shoved and punched every day.

Yes, karma caught up to them.

Listen to the interview and get back to me. Thanks.

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