Selfie taken yesterday morning after recording new demo

Thursday night after teaching many students, I came home to wolf down some dinner. Leftover pasta to be exact. And what happens during my time of munching?

A song comes to me.

Inspiration is a funny thing, as I always way. But for the muse to come to me during dinner, what do you do? You do what any other musician might do: finish eating and then write the song down on manuscript paper. When I can’t write things down fast enough, then I know it’s going to be a good tune.

But while stuffing my face?! I guess so.

I wanted so bad to record the rough demo but didn’t want to wake up a sleeping house. So when most everyone left for either work or school, I pulled out Pinkie, plugged into an Orange amp (of course!), set up the Tascam recorder and let it rip. And the song poured out of my hands, basically writing itself. I like that feeling. Listened back to it and was pleased. It’s a very cathartic feeling to have something come from nothing, and then lay it down quickly.

After listening, I decided to use a song title from another song I tried working on in 2021. No, I won’t say the title (I learned that lesson years ago) but it fit better with this tune than the other idea I had.

I love when a plan works.

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Guitarist/guitar teacher/cat lover in New Jersey.

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