They say there’s a first for everything. So here’s one for the books:

I played in Pennsylvania for the first time ever.

Why is this such a big deal to me? For one thing, I enjoy getting out of Dodge for a few hours. I am proud to be a New Jersey resident but let’s face it, any musician worth their salt loves playing outside the box.

Naked Glory played its first show ever in PA as well, and everything was great! Perfect weather, nice stage, good crowd, the vibes were right. Blew through two sets of songs with some minor hiccups but that’s to be expected. Outgoing guitarist Bruce Williams did the first set and then passed the baton to incoming guitarist Nick DiStasi, who played the second set. Went very seamless, even with only two rehearsals before the gig. The crowd dug everything, and we took time to chat with the patrons. When someone asks “When are you coming back?”, that’s a good sign. It means you did your job.

I got to use my new Ampturco cable too and it delivered!! Got three more coming (see pics below) so hopefully I will have all four in time for the July 9 gig with my band in Teaneck:

I was given the orange cable recently but soon will have blue w/green plugs, sea foam green w/orange, and red w/yellow. No purple in stock but will get that one soon too. And yes, I hope they make a hot pink one in the future 🙂

Don’t forget that I will be doing two radio interviews this week to promote the NJ Metalfest 7 show:

Wed July 6 w/DJ Metal Mistress

Thurs July 7 w/DJJD on The Metallicave

Both shows will air LIVE on

Even though I am kinda on vacation this week, I will still be busy but all good stuff!!

Nap time.

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Guitarist/guitar teacher/cat lover in New Jersey.

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