Well it can be told…I have moved on from Spectraflex cables after many years. I have nothing but great respect for Dave Russell, as he has always been so gracious to me even when I thought I was a pain in the butt. Everything was on very good terms but it was time for a change.

I am now an endorser with Ampturco cables!

Anthony Turco and I had been lobbying emails back and forth for a bit. I expressed interest in his cables, so I received the orange one pictured above (and yes, the purple plugs rock!) I demoed this cable, really put it to the test. Played it through various amps, various guitars, and my array of pedals. The tone was clear, a bit sharper than normal (which I like). I made the decision this morning to make the switch to Ampturco and feel like a kid at Christmas.

Christmas in June!

I will be getting three more cables made up in neat colours and end plugs. When those are in my hands, I will dutifully snap a pic of them. I cannot wait to use these cables on stage and in the studio!

Am I supposed to be excited at my age?

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Guitarist/guitar teacher/cat lover in New Jersey.

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