Pic by Deb Tote Harvey from yesterday’s gig at NJ METALFEST 7!

Should I be having this much fun at 52 years old?


Yesterday’s show at Debonair Music Hall (Teaneck, NJ) for NJ Metalfest 7 was off the rails! Eleven bands, each bringing their own heaviness to the stage. And then there was my trio. Were we going to be accepted by people who worship at the altars of Slayer, Pantera, and the like?


We had a 30-minute set, so aside from chit-chat here and there, it was time to cut the brakes and let the car roll down the hill. Drummer Mike Sabatini and bassist Brian Smith definitely make the music tighter and heavier, and my Orange rig (along with new Ampturco cables) delivered. This was the set list:

“Time To Fly”/”Quicker Than The Devil”/”Stranded On Pluto”/”Blame The Moon”/”Force Quit”/”Never Be The Sane”

Most of the set was devoted to the newest cd MOOD SWINGS, while the first song was from MARBLEHEAD, and the second was a non-album single from 2015. And damn it, we slayed!!

Thanks to Jerry Declet at The Metallicave for making it happen. And for making us the first-ever instrumental band to perform at his festival.

My hair hurts.

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