Proof that I actually WRITE music. Blurred a bit so you can’t steal 😉

It never fails…

Every time I write/rehearse/record/release a new album, I tell myself “You don’t have to write anything new for a long while.” But the muse has other plans.

Not long after MOOD SWINGS came out last August, my hands decided to run up and down my guitars with new ideas. There was nobody around to tie my hands behind my back, so there you have it. I am still promoting MOOD of course, in the form of doing more interviews, getting more airplay (hello France!) and the upcoming July 9 show in Teaneck.

Jon Hanemann, who helped produce the new cd, asked me recently “So where’s the new Steve Bello album, dude?” Funny he should ask! No I am nowhere close to recording, not going to put a timetable on it like normal. I have been jotting ideas down since September, but only recently did I buy manuscript paper and began fleshing things out. As you can see in the above photo, I write music. I could use software on my laptop but prefer pen and paper. Feels more human to me. I have eight songs pretty much worked out, sans melodies for now. Not sure when these will be fully realized but am not rushing things. I don’t want it to be a case of “too much too soon”. Did three albums in a row between 2003-2005, and then noticed they were being spaced apart more and more. I guess that happens. So whenever this new music sees the light of day, fine with me.

For now, keep supporting MOOD SWINGS. Tell your friends to order through this link: Mood Swings and also don’t forget my signature glow-in-the-dark picks by Pick Guy!

Now to nurse this coffee…

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