Now I need a fez and to learn the secret handshake.

After four months since I registered, my membership card from the ISSA has arrived. And on Good Friday? I didn’t think there was mail.

I like being wrong once in a while.

There’s still time to vote for MOOD SWINGS and the single “Never Be The Sane” on this link: Vote For Bello You can vote once a day, every day, until April 30th. The best part? You can vote on different devices since IP addresses are different. So get voting!

The cover band Naked Glory will be quite busy as we hit various stops in NJ and PA. But after July 3, we are taking a short hiatus and then back in the groove come September. New singer Deb Tote Harvey and bassist Tom Tsilionis are great additions, and we had our first show together last Saturday in Wayne, NJ. Despite the crowd being a bit sedate, we played well and hit hard. Some shows will have fill-in keyboardist Jason Hallenbake.

As for my own band, we will rehearse sometime in June for the July 9th show at Debonair Music Hall (Teaneck, NJ). Here is the link to order your tickets: Metalfest 7 While we support all the bands, and am not into competition, be sure to hit the drop-down menu on the cartel site, and hit “Bello” so we can get credit. This is going to be one of the heaviest shows ever.

Yes, I weighed it.

One more thing: I am receiving more airplay in Germany through Radio Jack Online, and in France for the very first time through Eternal Web Radio. The songs are touring more than I am.

But I would love to go back to Europe.

Anyone can help with that?

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