MOOD SWINGS up for Male Album Of The Year!

I couldn’t win Class Clown in 8th grade, lost that to Luis Rivera (who was very funny actually…)

But now my album MOOD SWINGS is in the finalist round for Male Album Of The Year! For an album that I didn’t think would ever see sunlight, this is really huge. If it wasn’t for Mike Sabatini telling me to “Send the f–n songs” back in Feb 2021, I wouldn’t be typing this blog. Also with the added help of Jon Hanemann and Joe Lambert Mastering, this album came out way better than expected.

That’s a good problem to have.

Now it’s up to the judges at the ISSA to see if this album wins big or not. If it does, then obviously HELL YEAH! If not, that’s fine too. Getting this far is a big step. I make music, and once it’s released, it’s up to the public to smash it or trash it. It took eight albums to get it right.

Looks like a trip to Atlanta is in my future…

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Guitarist/guitar teacher/cat lover in New Jersey.

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