Six months old already!?!?

MOOD SWINGS is seven months old today. I remember when it was born. They grow up so fast…

Soon it will want the keys to my car.

This album almost didn’t happen for various reasons. Had it not been for Mike Sabatini saying “Send me the songs” last February, the rough demos would have been collecting dust. I was definitely in a bad place mentally, and working on these songs was the best therapy. Before we knew it, an album was born. When we laid down the first drum track on May 21 last year, the 18-year-old in me was resurrected. “I’m doing another album!” was all that my mind could focus on. Next thing you know, it’s recorded, mixed, mastered, printed up and selling.

Yep, it sold real fast. Fastest-selling cd in my catalog. Ever.

The trio featuring Mike, bassist Brian Smith, and myself got to play four songs from this opus on March 4, and it was pure bliss. Bliss?! In metal?! Got that right. Felt great to be back on stage after a couple of years of not wanting to do it. I am more relaxed now about things. The fire is still burning, but I’m not as manic as I used to be. The world has enough guitar gods. I tried my best to be one. Now I’m happy to still be playing as best as I personally can.

Next show with my trio of merry metal men will be July 9 at Debonair Music Hall (Teaneck, NJ) for NJ Metalfest 7! If memory serves me correctly, this is the first time an instrumental act was added to the bill. And if right, history is being made.

Now to get in Guitar World…

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