Egregious poster I made to promote upcoming gigs

My schedule has me being pulled in a hundred directions. And I also remember my dad telling me “For the millionth time, stop exaggerating!”

Anyway I made this egregious poster so you can all make plans to see me in action, either with my metal trio or with Naked Glory.. I will be chilling this weekend, with the exception of changing guitar strings. I know how to party!

Outside of this, I have close to 34 students (between the two music stores, as well as private lessons) which is pretty staggering. To my memory, this is the most number of students I’ve ever had. Keeps me busy for sure, but also need to learn to breathe at times.

Tickets for NJ Metalfest 7 went on sale yesterday so go to this link to order yours: The Metallicave

Now I need a coffee…

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Guitarist/guitar teacher/cat lover in New Jersey.

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