Well this is more news than I expected to share but here goes…

My song “Never Be The Sane” has been nominated for Best Rock Single Award by One World Music Radio! I did not expect this one at all!! Opened my email yesterday morning and there it was: the certificate that you see above. My head was spinning and still is. Even if the song doesn’t win, at least being nominated is enough of a win for me.

The other big news I originally wanted to share…

My trio will be performing at NJ METALFEST 7!! I had been trying for a couple of years to get on the bill but this time, the gods smiled down. The announcement was made last night on Jerry Declet’s Metallicave show, so this was very exciting. (Obviously I knew anyway but promised not to say a word until he made the announcement first.) Once again, the Attacker rhythm section of drummer Mike Sabatini and bassist Brian Smith will be joining me.

And speaking of Attacker, they are headlining this event, so this is way cool!! This will be the second time I share a bill with them. First time was back in 2017 at Dingbatz but that was with a different drummer and bassist. Now Mike and Brian will be performing double duty so I hope they eat their Wheaties! Also on the bill will be such bands as Everdawn, Thanatonic Desire, Corvid Corpus, and the like. Total of 11 bands and the best part? Tickets are $15!! They will be on sale April 1st (no foolin’!) $20 day of show.

My life went from zero to 100mph but I am not complaining!

I just need stronger coffee.

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Guitarist/guitar teacher/cat lover in New Jersey.

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