Pic taken on 11th Ave

What the hell was I doing in Manhattan alone on a Saturday night?

Well, I wasn’t totally alone. My daughter Emma needed a ride to an EDM (electronic dance music) concert last night at Terminal 5. She asked me a few days ago “You think you can take me, since my friend can’t?” I admit to feeling a bit apprehensive as I had the gig on Friday (which killed!) and now this? But I put my daddy hat on and said “Yes, I will take you.”

Dropped her off at 8, and had a lot of downtime. So after I parked the car at a garage, I walked around Manhattan and Times Square alone until midnight. Yep, just me. And it was very energizing. The streets were not as busy as usual but were still pretty hoppin’. Of course I had to take photos on my trek around town. I posted them on the PHOTOS page.

Near 10pm, my stomach was grumbling so I ate at a really cool place called The Flame Diner. Ate light, just soup, but it did its job. Went back out, did more walking, sat on a bench here and there. Got to the club at midnight, waited for my daughter to come out. She did…at 12:45! But hey, she had the best time, and that’s all that mattered.

And I had a great time too.

But, boy am I beat!

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