Pardon the language but that is the name of the event 🙂

Back in May 2019, I walked away from performing. I was done, tired of everything, you name it. I was dead set on never touching a stage ever again.

The muse has proven me wrong.

Yes I have done two shows with Naked Glory and were a lot of fun. But this show I am about to mention is super important for many reasons:

  1. My first show as Steve Bello since May 2019
  2. My first show this year featuring Attacker drummer Mike Sabatini and bassist Brian Smith

That third reason is the most important. Michelle over at Dingbatz made a post last week about doing this show to help defray medical expenses for Irene, and I immediately wrote her with “I have to be on this bill!” And since Brian and Mike agreed, Michelle dutifully put the band on. I am beyond thrilled to be helping Irene but this is NOT about me or any other band on the bill. This is HER night, plain and simple!!

This is the FB event page, so click on it, see all the info: F–k Cancer

Make no excuses, clear your calendar for Friday March 4th!!!!

Published by steviehimself

Guitarist/guitar teacher/cat lover in New Jersey.

One thought on “FIRST SHOW OF 2022…

  1. That’s so awesome! I love to see and hear about people coming together to help people. And as my own life has been touched deeply by cancer, both losing loved ones to it and being beside my husband dealing with cancer and its aftereffects, I know how important it is to have great support in the battle. Bless you and everyone doing this show.

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