After almost three years, I stepped foot on stage at Dingbatz. I said that would never happen ever again.

I love being proven wrong.

Naked Glory were one of three bands that performed last night, as part of a tribute to the late Steve Ferrigno. We never got to rehearse because of bad weather, so we decided to just wing it. And wow did we ever!! Some hiccups but who cares? Even a perfectionist like me learned to let go, and be in the zone. We did “Heavy Metal” by Don Felder for the first time, with no rehearsal, and we pulled it off quite well. I have to admit, it shocked me to see the crowd respond like “Wow, THAT song!! COOL!”

My biggest fear was “Am I overdoing it on stage??” I didn’t hear any complaints, so it must have been pretty good. I learned how to be a better perfomer when I toured with TM Stevens in 2014. Granted, I thought my stage presence was good up until that point. But he offered me the best piece of advice: “People pay money to see the whites of your eyes, not the top of your head! Give ’em a SHOW!” And I’ve done that ever since.

More gigs are happening with Naked Glory, and maybe one or two with my band will be coming up shortly. Keep checking the UPCOMING EVENTS page for more.

And I thought I was done…

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