Way-cool pic of my pedalboard from 2.12.22 gig w/Naked Glory by Sallie Coleman

I didn’t expect to be this busy, especially in the winter time, but it has been moving rather nicely. I learn to catch my breath in between all the running around.

I can’t wait for Spring though.

Naked Glory played last Saturday at Garvey’s in Monroe, NJ, as part two of the tribute trifecta for Steve Ferrigno. We were one of eight bands, and the weather was perfect, the vibes were flowing, much positive energy all around. We only managed to get one rehearsal in because the weather had been so bad lately. Still sounded great, some hiccups here and there, but that’s to be expected. Second time using my Orange Super Crush head and it got rave reviews from everyone. Oh, we got an encore too! Guess the crowd liked us!

My own trio of merry men will have two more rehearsals before the gig at Dingbatz on March 4th. My last gig as “Steve Bello” was back in May 2019, and to think I’m back at it again even surprises me. Mike, Brian and I have been rehearsing since September 2021, and when this cancer benefit show came up for my friend Irene, I had to act fast. Thankfully, Michelle at Dingbatz saved us a spot. Been promoting it like mad, did an interview with Brian Aberback (see the PRESS page) and I will be interviewed soon by Alison Keslow for her podcast. I told you, I don’t stop for donuts.

Okay one chocolate donut.

As for the set list, I can tell you that four songs from the new cd MOOD SWINGS will be on it, as well as a non-album single and three songs from past albums. It’s interesting to hear Mike and Brian put their own spin on songs I’d written years ago and played with various musicians over the years. I have been saying that this is the most muscular-sounding rhythm section I’ve ever had to date, and it still holds true. I cannot wait for people to hear how pummeling this will be, and the best part is that it’s for Irene.

Oh and there are more Naked Glory shows coming up in April, so you can go to the UPCOMING EVENTS page for that. Heather (drummer) has been on a mission to secure some cool gigs, so kudos to her. Two shows will be back-to-back, so we better be in top shape!

I may need more coffee.

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