Third and final single/video from MOOD SWINGS

When it snows, what do you do?

You make a video.

Here is the third and final single/video from my latest cd MOOD SWINGS. “Force Quit” debuted at #3 on Banks Radio (Australia) and so people are taking notice of what I consider my angriest song. So here you go, I made yet another trippy/funky video to hopefully match the music. Of course you have to keep watching as things unfold over seconds and minutes.

Naked Glory’s gig at Lakeside was obviously cancelled due to the weather. Winter is tough for sure. But if the snow gods behave, we will get to do two more shows coming up on consecutive Saturdays. You can go to the UPCOMING EVENTS page to see what’s brewing.

I am also very pleased that the interview for Guitar Girl Magazine has gone past 1000 views in two weeks. Think that’s a first for me. Caroline Paone is happy too, so win/win for both! I hope more guitar magazines start asking her to write for them too.

Oh and if I can get in Guitar Player magazine, that would be pretty sweet too.

Make it so!

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Guitarist/guitar teacher/cat lover in New Jersey.

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