I had a pleasant surprise this week. Ella over at Orange Amps sent me an email saying the new Super Crush 100 is ready to be shipped to my house.

Well alrighty then!!

UPS brought it to the house Friday night but I didn’t get to play with it until Saturday. Yes I was pained. I made a video showcasing the clean tones (which are GORGEOUS) and the heavier tones (which are KILLER). But of course, the video I made came out with a lower volume.

Can’t I do anything right?!

So today at rehearsal, I got to put this amp head to the test. It did NOT disappoint. I don’t know how we didn’t walk out of rehearsal feeling some sort of vertigo. Brian Smith (bassist) even told me that he had to turn UP because I was so loud. Oh I like the sound of that…

After rehearsal, I asked Mike to film a bit of me playing nice and loud. So the video above was done in one pass, totally off the top of my head. Yes I make silly guitar faces (who doesn’t?!) but one thing’s for certain…this amp flat-out ROCKS!!!

I play fast, yes?

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Guitarist/guitar teacher/cat lover in New Jersey.

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