Finally broke through into the land down under!

Wow, it’s been 19 days since I typed a blog. Did you miss me?

Don’t answer that.

This year is starting off on some good notes for sure. As you see above, my song “Force Quit” debuted at #3 on Banks Radio in Australia! Took a while to get moving over there but it finally happened. I am grateful that the people down under liked the song well enough to make it chart so nicely.

And I posted on the PRESS page another first: I was interviewed by Caroline Paone for Guitar Girl Magazine. Yes, you read that right. The interview took place over two days back in December, between emails and phone calls. It was the most relaxed interview I was ever part of. We talked about the obvious things such as the new album MOOD SWINGS, as well as my gear. But of course, the highlight was women in music and so far the response to that from friends and fans has been amazing. I’ve been doing interviews for many years and this, I feel, is the best one I’ve done to date. Here’s the link if you wish to peruse it: Steve Bello Guitar Girl Magazine

But wait there’s more…

I will be playing more shows with the cover band Naked Glory starting on January 29th. Shows are posted on the UPCOMING EVENTS page. One of their guitarists stepped down so I was asked to step up, and I obliged. I am working on getting a couple of shows with my trio soon, so keep an ear and eye out for those!

One more thing (I sound like Columbo)…

Expect a blog soon about my new Orange Super Crush 100 head! The UPS driver should be dropping it off today and I will put it through its paces this Sunday at rehearsal.

Okay time for coffee…

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