Here we are, a couple of week into the new year, and it’s been brutally cold in New Jersey. Not as cold as some parts of Canada, but enough to make me annoyed!

At least playing in front of a loud amp keeps me warm.

We had two rehearsals so far this year, and they have been nothing short of amazing and LOUD! Finally added the eighth song to the roster, so now I can make a proper set list because…wait, what’s that…?

Yes, I will be looking into live shows starting in April. Because of Mike and Brian’s schedule with their own band Attacker, I have to be mindful of when they can or can’t be available. Not that I am looking to book a ton of shows, but want to find ones of quality. I know that sounds a bit pompous but, speaking for myself, I’ve paid my own dues a few times over.

It was nice playing the eighth song (which I won’t name yet), as I had not touched it since 2019. These guys haven’t played it at all until today HA! So as it stands, there will be four songs from MOOD SWINGS, one song from three previous albums, and one non-album single. Now it’s time to ramp things up!

But first, a nap.

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Guitarist/guitar teacher/cat lover in New Jersey.

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