I still get excited when I see the UPS truck bring me things!

Here it is, August 25, 2021…

And as promised, you are looking at the brand-new Steve Bello album entitled MOOD SWINGS.

I am about to sign 40 cds and send them out. Not bad, huh?

If it wasn’t for Michael Sabatini and Jon Hanemann, this music would not have been brought into reality. Joe Lambert also killed with the mastering; this is the best-sounding album I’ve ever heard in my catalog.

Free downloads are off the table when you order this but I will still sign every single copy. You have my word.

Here’s the link: MOOD SWINGS

Digital downloads sold through: MOOD SWINGS (Bandcamp)

Now hop to it!

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Guitarist/guitar teacher/cat lover in New Jersey.

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