Staples…yeah they have these!

Pre-orders for MOOD SWINGS have been happening since July 17th, one day after the first single/video for “Never Be The Sane” premiered. I am genuinely surprised at how the new music is being well-received. Been saying over and over how I think I finally wrote something that connects with people. The hardest part about making music is getting people to listen.

They’re listening now.

I had to run to Staples to get more envelopes! I bought 36 originally as part of a sale, so I figured “Why not?” Now I had to purchase 36 more just in case I get inundated with more orders. There’s an excitement that I had not seen since 2011, when GO BERZERK! was released. Don’t get me wrong, there was some good vibes with LAYERS OF TIME in 2015 and MARBLEHEAD in 2018. But this? Well, this is the first time people are saying they like the album title and cover! Again, something connected, something clicked.

But how?

Maybe I shouldn’t question it and just roll along. Being the Scorpio that I am, I always have to find answers. My friend Kristi Enigl, who is a DJ on told me that the album title was “relateable”. Hmmm, I can see that. I won’t go into detail as to how the title happened but when I do interviews, the answer will be revealed.

So let’s see…more pre-orders, more envelopes…that’s a good problem to have.

BTW: Someone asked me “Why do you always say ‘8th album’?” The answer is simple: I am surprised that I’ve gotten to this point. When I did TWISTED METAL in 2003, the last thing I thought of was “Imagine if I made eight albums?” I honestly thought after the third cd JUPITER RETURN, that I was finished. Creativity and inspiration continue to strike so I act on them. So if anyone is bothered that I always say “My new 8th studio album”, oh well!! I will always be proud of that.

And I know you are keeping tabs 🙂

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