August 25, 2021…a proud day for me!

My new album MOOD SWINGS has only been out since Wednesday (August 25) and it’s already selling faster than my previous cd. Granted, I will always be proud of MARBLEHEAD for so many reasons but I did not expect my newest opus to fly out of my hands so quickly.

I’ve been to the post office more times this week than in the last three years!

Some people have already received their signed copies, others are waiting, and more are about to go out very soon. Of course the timing could not have been more strange, as I threw my back out a few days ago. I guess I have to take the sour with the sweet. Still, the show much go on. Or in this case, the trips to the post office must go on.

The first single “Never Be The Sane” has garnered some strong press, being played on various radio stations and more will follow soon. I’ve been doing interviews that will be posted soon. And one question that pops up: “Is that a typo?” No, the song is called “Never Be The Sane” HAHA! Definite play on words but oh so fitting for someone like me.

I am getting nice feedback from some of you about another song that is grabbing your attention. I won’t say which one but I am working on a video for that, and hoping to release it in mid-late September. Everyone seems to have a song they gravitate towards, which is awesome. Each song is different and unique, yet there’s a cohesiveness and a theme that runs through. Not sure what it is exactly but it’s working!

Keep your eyes and ears peeled for more interviews, reviews, videos, whatever happens. It took Judas Priest seven albums to hit their stride, Rush took eight, and Scorpions nine.

Is this my turn now?

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Guitarist/guitar teacher/cat lover in New Jersey.

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