Almost time for the new album MOOD SWINGS to drop…who’s ready?

Hard to believe that pre-production for what would become MOOD SWINGS happened way back in the freezing winter this year. Snow and sub-zero temperatures usually bum me out but when music is being brought to reality, there’s no time for feeling bogged down.

Equally hard to fathom is that the album is almost in my hands, which means it will almost be in yours as well. Pre-orders have been coming in nicely, a few at a time, so I feel vindicated. Am I still allowed to be excited at my age? Shouldn’t I feel like this is old hat, run of the mill, “been there done that”?

I guess not.

I still feel that rush of adrenalin when I arrange the order of the songs, compile artwork and see the results come to fruition. And even more heart-racing is sending the results to get everything pressed and packaged. Seeing the box on my front door step will always be a huge thrill, like a kid at Xmas. Nice to know the passion is still there.

Feedback for the first single “Never Be The Sane” has been nothing short of amazing. Apparently this song resonated with so many people, and that’s the key. Connection is what makes music come alive. Even cooler is that people dig the video. Yes it’s trippy, wacky, and fun. Making the video was equally as cool as making the album. Being creative is the best feeling.

And since people ask “When’s the release date”, I don’t want to give a definite answer. Yet, I think maybe possibly kinda sorta August 25th sounds like a nice round number. Who knows? So for now, you can lightly pencil in that date.

So there’s still time to take advantage of getting the free download of MOOD SWINGS while you wait for your signed hard copy. After the official release date, the free offer goes away. One thing that will never go away: I will still sign every single copy sold. Period. You can pre-order through this link:


Also after the release date is announced, I will have my distributor put the album on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, etc. I will also put it on Bandcamp. No matter where you get the music, just get it!

Dig yourselves!

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Guitarist/guitar teacher/cat lover in New Jersey.

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