Still image from “Never Be The Sane” video. Trippy, man!

The single “Never Be The Sane” has been out for a week and it’s generating some amazing results. Very positive feedback, everyone loving the energy of the song to the trippy video. I think I finally created something that resonated with people!


Pre-orders have been coming in very nice too. As of last night, there are 20 pre-orders ready to rock. But first, the rest of the album has to be mastered and then the cd artwork layout taken care of. Maybe my memory is getting fuzzy as I get older, but I cannot recall any of my cds generating this much attention. Maybe GO BERZERK! which was released in 2011 (so now 10 years later, history may repeat?)

The song is on the MUSIC page here as well as my Soundcloud and Reverbnation pages. I have not released it on Spotify or other streaming platforms as I want the whole album done and then I will have my distributor share the love.

My 8th album…


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