Album cover for MOOD SWINGS. Yes, the pun is my tribute to Rush.

“Never Be The Sane” has been out since Friday July 16th.I t’s already been on two internet stations (Metal Euphoria in NY, and Radio TFSC in Germany) as well as over 50 shares on Facebook, a few on Twitter, and a write-up on Brave Words.

Something clicked?!

Jon Hanemann called me yesterday morning and said “There’s an honesty to the music that’s connecting with people.” And he’s absolutely right. I’ve never written any song that was contrived or self-aware, was always as pure as possible. But something about “Never” really resonated with people in such a short time frame. I think the only other time this happened maybe was when “Surfing To Venus” from GO BERZERK! was released in 2011. So here it is 10 years later…is history repeating itself?

One never knows.

Pre-orders have been coming in nicely too; so far I’ve received eleven since yesterday afternoon when I posted on social media about it. Looks like I am back to wearing 14 hats after almost three years of inactivity. As for live shows, people are asking me “Are you going back out?”

One never knows…

For now, I am enjoying the attention the song is getting. Good enough for me!

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Guitarist/guitar teacher/cat lover in New Jersey.

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