A first! Posting a short video instead of a photo. Twelve seconds of a new tune…

The weather went from hot and humid a few days ago, to March-like temperatures. I went from wearing shorts and t-shirt, to flannel shirt and jeans.

Oh the humanity!

But all the rhythm guitar parts are done as of tonight (May 29). Eight songs, each one with two tracks of heavy guitar (and a few clean tones too!) Started work on them yesterday, got three songs taken care of before the monsoon hit. The remaining five songs were laid down, and the stuff’s really coming together. Mike Sabatini and Jon Hanemann have been super-helpful with getting the best guitar sounds and takes possible. When I see Jon get up and stick his ear in the speaker, I know I’m in trouble HA! Overall, I am very satisfied with the results, but now the real fun begins…

Bass parts!?

I have some nice ideas but will definitely need a lot of guidance (and I hope Mike and Jon have a lot of patience!) My friend Cathy Beck was gracious enough to let me borrow her 5-string bass for the recording and I keep forgetting how physically demanding this thing is. I am hoping Billy Sheehan’s fingers come through the bass neck.

But that would be really weird, right?

Looks like next weekend we will focus on getting the bass lines down. For now, I am thrilled we are halfway there with the recording. Drums DONE! Rhythm guitars DONE!

I’m DONE too! Nap time…

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