Pretty amazing to have Attacker drummer Michael Sabatini on the new album!

Now it can be told…

After almost four months of showing admirable restraint (and being told “Don’t tell a soul until we start recording!”), the drummer who will be on the upcoming 8th album is none other than Michael Sabatini, drummer for New Jersey metal band Attacker! I’m as shocked as everyone else is, believe me.

What started as a phone call of “What’s going on with the album?” back in January turned into “Send me the (bleeping) songs, let’s get this album going!” Armed with seven extremely rough demos, pre-production began on February 21. Three months later (May 21!), we started working on the drums. Five songs were done on Friday, the last two today. Some songs went by smoothly, others needed more last-minute run-throughs. Helping Mike record the drums is engineer Jon Hanemann, and his input has been valuable.

To say I’m excited is an understatement. This album is definitely hard work but in a great way. I really set myself up for a challenge, and with Mike pounding the skins like they owe him money, now I know my guitar playing (and bass too YIKES!) has to rise up.

This coming Friday, I start rhythm guitars. We’re mapping out how to record them, getting creative with panning and using effects. If this takes two or three days to do, fine with me. This has to be the most in-your-face album, we won’t accept anything less.

Now to stock up on 5-hour energy drinks…

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Guitarist/guitar teacher/cat lover in New Jersey.

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