This pic was taken Saturday evening after I finished all the guitar melodies. Can you tell I look worn out?

Get your scorecards out…

All the bass tracks were done on Friday in ONE DAY. Yes, I thought that would take the longest but somehow after eating a killer burger at Miss America Diner, my energy level spiked up and it was off to the races. For the first time, I used a Kemper amp, and Mike had it set for “Orange Bass”, through an Eden cabinet. Jon hooked up a Tech 21 Steve Harris pedal (I needed a monitor to put my foot on) and Dark Glass pedal to the Kemper and WOW! For a not-really bass player like myself, this was the best tone I ever heard!! I used a pick for most of the album to keep things consistent but I did some slap/pop on one song because it needed it. Bootsy Collins won’t lose sleep over me, that’s for sure.

On Saturday, we got all the guitar melodies down. Slow start but then again, things ramped up. Jon asked me to add some harmonies to a few parts and that helped. I wrote a REALLY strange melody for one of the songs and added a funky effect to it.

So far so good, right?

Today I attempted solos. Notice I said “attempted”. I think exhaustion caught up to me and my fingers were not cooperating. Nothing I played sounded or felt good, so Mike said “Go home, get some rest, let’s try again in a week or two.” Good move. I suggested two weeks so that I wouldn’t have to jumble up my lesson schedule. I wasn’t as prepared for the solos as I thought. First time that ever happened to me. Maybe Mike is right, things change, so I need to re-invent some ideas, who knows?

And there you have it. The album is 3/4 of the way done.

I’m done too, for two weeks…

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