Just thought this pic was cool. Not really relevant to the blog.

In a couple of weeks, recording will commence for studio album #8. And much like the previous albums, I drive myself crazy with song/album titles, cd cover layouts, the right fonts…

Being a perfectionist is a blessing and a curse.

I am feeling really positive about this though. Working on guitar melodies, making sure they are memorable and people can sing them. Even though the music has no vocals or lyrics, the guitar is the singer (lucky for you all because you don’t want to hear me cackle!)

Of course, the Achilles heel is going to be the bass parts. I half-joke that I teach bass better than play it. So after feeling sorry for myself, I decided to dig my heels in the other night and really grind out the bass lines. Am sure the producer will guide me through, but I am also listening to certain bassists who know how to hold down the fort and also provide a good counterpoint. Whatever feels good, that’s what goes on the album.

We have two more rehearsals before the festivities begin. The last cd was a pleasure to make, and I am sure this one will be equally as fun to create. Still, I am brainstorming album titles and front cover/insert ideas. The packaging has to be as impressive as the music inside. That’s my opinion of course. (And everyone’s entitled to my opinion…)

As for how the music will sound?

You’re not ready for this!

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