This was my daughter’s Beanie Baby scorpion, but now it sits on top of my Orange amp in the basement.

Virtual NAMM was last week. It was what it wasn’t. But as most faux optimists would say “It’s better than nothing, right?”

Well, no.

Still it was cool of Ibanez to send me a virtual badge/link. I popped in on some things here and there, but it wasn’t right. Sitting at my dining room table, perusing new gear, when I should be playing it in person while dealing with noises all around me…that’s how you experience NAMM! But as it stands, I got to watch an interview with Ibanez artist Lara Basilio as she debuted her new signature guitar. Wish I could see it in person, but I can tell it’s a stunning guitar. Oh and yes she plays really well too (check out her song “Sunny Days”)! Also caught my friend, another Ibanez artist (see a theme here?) Rob Balducci play a short set in his studio. He played new tunes as well as older cuts, and his tone is just amazing! Great lyrical player. I capped off the week with seeing Larry Mitchell play a SMOKING set via “Virtual Marriot Lobby”.

And no, I chose not to perform. But I might get to play in the GHS booth if NAMM 2022 happens. I chat with my rep Jon and he said it’s a good possibility. I had seen my friends Melia and Scott Gailor play great sets last year in that booth, so I figured I could make a blithering fool of myself, yes?

Ah the plight of being a musician…

So now all of us musician-type people have to wait a whole year for the next show. There’s talk that it will happen in 2022. Seeing everyone post photos from last year (myself included) only brought out the sentimental feelings even more. I always said NAMM is basically Toys R Us for grown-ups who never grew up. Not being there forced us to reminisce harder than ever. I can guarantee that when the next show happens, there will be a HUGE turnout.

Which means I better play well in the GHS booth.

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