Last year around this time, I was sitting in Newark Airport at 5am. Dead tired but excited for my first trip to Anaheim since 2014. Arrived at LAX 3:30pm, greeted to warmer weather, sunnier skies, and the chance to be a pretend guitar god for four days at NAMM.

Now all of us musicians sit home going over photos from Janaury 2020. What a difference a year makes. When it was announced back in July that Winter NAMM 2021 was off the table, you could hear the sound of hearts breaking all over the world. “Maybe things will change” was the mantra but was not meant to be. Instead, we look at pictures of ourselves on social media, hoping for NAMM 2022 to happen.

So we have virtual NAMM. Yeah, no. I think we are all pretty sick and tired of Zoom/Skype/Google chat. Human interaction is crucial. Staring at a computer screen is not the same as being in person, no matter how many times we hear the cliche of “We’re all in this together.” We all looked forward to shaking hands, bumping elbows, hugging, sitting in a Denny’s, staring at palm trees. We all couldn’t wait to get our hands on new gear.

Now we wait to see if next year happens.

Published by steviehimself

Guitarist/guitar teacher/cat lover in New Jersey.

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