Not bad for throwing something together in 15 minutes, huh?

Here we are, the first full week into 2021 and well, what can I say that hasn’t already been said? No reason for me to opine or wax poetic when others do it so eloquently (albeit with drama) on social media.

So what does a long-haired guitarist do?

He remasters a song from 2004 because the title is fitting for these times.

I wrote and recorded this song called “Tired Wings” for the 2004 cd ALL WIRED UP. I have many fond memories of recording that album, the vibes were right, the energy was great, and recording was a joy. I wanted to do another acoustic tune on this as I did on my first cd TWISTED METAL. That stems from listening to albums by Led Zeppelin, Yes, and Triumph, where there would be an acoustic interlude to break up the hard rock and heavy metal. So while I’m not Page, Howe, and Emmett, I liked to challenge myself and hence, “Tired Wings” was the result.

Recorded this piece on an Ibanez PC300 acoustic and tuned the low E down to low A. The chord changes aren’t anything complex yet it sounds like I am doing stuff that would make you think I had pretzel fingers by the end of it. I actually performed this live here and there, such as Ibanez clinics and when I would play solo acoustic sets at A&M Music in Lyndhurst, NJ. Fancy that, I can actually mellow out.


I took the original recording, added chorus, delay and slow phaser to give it more atmosphere. And while the producer at the time Mike Koenig (who sadly passed away in 2011) wanted me to re-do this without the cross-talk/string squeaks, I said that it sounds more human. He agreed and it stayed. The delay enhances the string noise, think it adds more depth. Or maybe I’m just a quirky dude.

With what’s going on in the world lately, I hope this almost 2-minute piece touches and connects with some of you. I chose this cover (seen above) because, well, it fits! I am not posting the song on here just yet as I want you to check it out on Spotify, iTunes, etc. when it’s released. And for the low low price of 99 cents, it can be part of your library.


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