The saga continues…

Laid down all the rhythm guitar parts, as well as some surprise sounds, this past Wednesday. Everything was pretty smooth, felt great to grind the crunchy riffs…and some funky ones too!

Worked on guitar melodies today and, ummm, hit a few snags along the way. But I gotta keep movin’. Was hoping Steve Vai’s fingers would magically come up through the fretboard. But he’s on tour so I have to use my own fingers in the meantime.

Being a musician is an interesting thing. We create and record music in isolation, and then expect the world to like what we do once we release it. Whether we struggle to make the notes work, or everything fuses together beautifully, one thing is certain: We hope people connect with the songs in some way.

The album is more than halfway done, which is great. I’m going back on Friday to finish melodies and then review everything. Mike and Brian have been assisting me with ideas, saying things like “Think of lyrics and who would sing them” and “Make it sound like a violin.” I try really hard not to be wedded to my melodies because things can change on the fly. And things did change! I was rewriting melodies, throwing previous ideas in the trash, and having to brainstorm new things. This is what you do when you want the music to connect with others. There has to be a happy balance of what I like and what I think the public will like.

I can say this: the new album will make heads turn!

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Guitarist/guitar teacher/cat lover in New Jersey.

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