Another studio pic because it looks artsy

Oh look, another pic inside Bandmother Recording. Which means…

Another blog!

I like that it stays lighter a bit longer at night, very inspiring. I also like standing in front of loud amps and drums. It’s very cathartic and therapeutic. And when we work on another new song, I leave the studio more excited than when I arrived.

The interesting thing about this particular song is that it’s very different from the others we’ve worked on. It’s still heavy and catchy, but to my ears it reminds me of Zeppelin’s “Achilles Last Stand” and maybe Scorpions “Lovedrive”. Mike said the intro reminded him of UFO’s “Lights Out”. Hey, all good stuff! And as I always say, I write what feels good. The mid-section goes into measures of 5/8-5/8-7/8-5/8. Or maybe it can be one measure each of 5/4-6/4. Brian and Mike’s head hurts from counting…oops 🙂

My evil plan is working!!

After rehearsal, the guys asked for another demo. Who am I to say no?! Seeing them as excited as myself is really amazing. As long as they like the music, and it’s flowing, I am a happy dude.

Or at least mildly content.

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