My "feet on vacation" pose

Last time my trio had rehearsal was right before Christmas break. So we should have been away for two weeks. Well, as fate would have it, I was under the weather last week, so we had to miss rehearsal til tonight.


Yes, we moved rehearsals to Wednesday and it seems to work out better. So Mike, Brian, and I got together at Bandmother Recording as usual. Shook the cobwebs off the other songs, and dove into another new tune. So this brings us up to five!! Hoping to do eight songs as a band, and then add one solo acoustic piece, hadn’t done that in a while. If I could borrow a nylon string guitar, that would be even sweeter.

Is Eliot Fisk reading this?!

I even experimented with some melodies tonight. They need work for sure but was glad to show the guys where my head was at. Some adjectives I heard about the melodies were “trippy”, “floating” and “definitely interesting.” I can’t believe how quickly things are coming together. Almost like the songs are writing themselves…


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