I'm 53 and still buy toys. Works for me!

Okay so we are four days into the new year. I have to say, and others have agreed, that watching the ball drop was underwhelming. Was like “Okay cool, back to watching videos on YouTube.” So for a first blog of 2023, what do I write about?

New toys!

I’m holding the Vibe pedal by a company called Kokko (I don’t make this up). Heard about it while perusing YouTube videos, saw some demo clips and figured for $36, why the hell not! Had to get it through Amazon, as stores don’t carry it (BOO!) Got it today, and here’s my first impressions:

It’s great for clean tones! I can dial in the swirly goodness of Jimi Hendrix and Robin Trower. But for distorted tones, I have to find that sweet spot. Again, I purposely took it out of the box and plugged it right in, like a kid at Xmas (wait, didn’t we just have that?) The best part? It’s in a purple metal casing!!

Now I have my signature Slippery Gypsy pedal from Checkered Pedals, which has the Vibe and Envelope Filter settings, so why did I get this one? I just love new toys! If I choose to put this on my board, the Gypsy pedal still stays though. I can use the Vibe setting on that as more of a mellow phaser since this Kokko pedal had a bit more of that “throb” that I like (go listen to Hendrix’s rendition of “Star Spangled Banner” and you will hear what I mean). I love funky sounds, enjoy experimenting with cool tones, even at my age.

May I never grow old!

Straight out of the box, first impressions...

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