Pic taken after my Q&A w/Metal Mistress. Not my shades, BTW.

How do you end the year? You do an interview on the radio, of course! But not just any radio show.

You do THE METAL MELTDOWN w/The Metal Mistress!

It’s always a blast hanging at her studio, chomping on pizza and talking about the year that was. Was great seeing a lot of people pop in the chat room, asking cool questions, and posting nice photos as well. I picked songs from such bands as Led Zeppelin, Rush, Living Colour to Slayer, Nevermore, and Iron Maiden. Oh and I picked a few of my songs too 😉

Another cool thing happened recently: I came up with more riffs (when don’t I?) and threw them on my Tascam. Wrote Mike and Brian, said “You don’t have to learn it right away, just let me know what you think.” Well, they like it enough to want to try it at next rehearsal in two weeks. Brian asked me to make short videos slowing the riffs down, and the teacher/geek in me loves doing that. Two of the riffs are new but one is from 1990?! It came to me out of nowhere and it fit nicely. I changed it a little bit but still sounds groovy and heavy.

2022 was definitely a great year, between teaching so much, playing two killer shows with my trio, and seeing MOOD SWINGS do well. But 2023 is around the corner and it’s time to get my hands dirty even more. Roll up those sleeves, and dig into new music as we’ve been doing since September. Some people are asking me “When’s the new album coming out?” which is a great thing to hear. It means people care about the music. Best I can say is “summer 2023”, so see what happens.

Thank you all for a great year, and keep up the support!! I take none of you for granted.

Now about those shades I’m wearing…

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