The most handsome power trio in NJ

After learning the secret handshake, wearing a fez and long robe, and doing the Hucklebuck…I am pleased to announce that Attacker bassist Brian Smith is on board for the next album and future live shows!

Early Xmas for me!

As you can see in the above pic, drummer Mike Sabatini (also of Attacker; he started the band in the early 80s!) is pleased as well. These two did a couple of shows this year and as I’ve always been saying, this is the most muscular-sounding line-up I’ve ever had. When you have two guys who live, eat, breathe and bleed metal, it’s going to make the music that much more powerful.

I had asked Brian back in September about the possibility of playing on the next album, as I honestly didn’t want to play bass on it. Just wanted to focus on guitar parts. He initially said he was humbled but that I should play bass on it. Okay fine. But recently he purchased a 5-string bass and said to me “Send the demos!” I sent him little videos of my riffs slowed down, and with that, we had our first proper rehearsal as a power trio for recording. I had no doubt that Brian could pull this off. We ran over the song a few times (three for now) and each time it was getting tighter and heavier.

He asked if I liked his little fills and riffs, and told him “You do what works, I trust you.” If there’s one thing I have always stressed since I started my career as an instrumental act, it’s that musicians need to be free to express themselves. Granted, I write the songs, have some ideas as to what the drums and bass can do. But these guys…wow! They blow past me and I have to catch up now! That’s always a good thing.

Can’t be complacent, right?

We have time off for the holidays but soon enough, we will get back together to power through these three songs again. If the universe lends a hand, there’s the possibility of more live shows in 2023. Right now, my main focus is the next album. Anything else after that is icing on an already sugary cake.

Like I need more sugar!

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