Flyer for upcoming gig. Playing rock/scissors/paper here.

We had our final rehearsal today, played eight songs so fierce like they owed us money. And now to put almost 7 months of rehearsals to the test.

I feel like I am tied to a rocket.

Amazing how things take off (hence the title of the blog) once people see results. My friend Jon told me that recently, that people only respond well if they see results. They don’t see the grunt work that goes behind the scenes. They only care about the icing on the cake. I get that. But people have been noticing the hard work that we’ve been putting into these rehearsals, as evident by the short clips posted from a while at Bandmother Recording. Now it’s time to showcase four songs from MOOD SWINGS, a song from GO BERZERK! (it’s been a while), a song from JUPITER RETURN (guess which one), one from LAYERS OF TIME, and a non-album single. The song from GB! was picked by Brian; he said he loved how trippy it sounded. And I’d not touched that song since 2015.

Tempus fugit indeed!

But there’s MORE Naked Glory news and shows. We auditioned two new members: bassist Tom Tsilionis and (fill-in) keyboardist Jason Hallenbake. They learned over 20 songs in a few days, and we jammed with them ON STAGE at a bar in Budd Lake. No tiny studio for this one! Busted out all the songs on the list, and both Tom and Jason said they were happy with us. So they are in the band. Can’t wait to do shows with these guys soon!

Right now my sights are set on March 4.

But first, sleep.

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