I’m 52 and still get excited over new gear!

Here we are, one week into 2022 and things are already weird. Well, they always were but now it seems like we’re entering the Twilight Zone.

Where’s Rod Serling?

Anyway, some of you may roll your eyes when I get excited about new gear but I have to toot Orange Amplifers’ horn as always. Back in September, they debuted the new Super Crush series of amps to replace the original Crush series. Yes, I bought the CR120H when it came out back in Feb 2014 (and that was when I officially became an artist endorser/ambassador for Orange!) So when this emerged, along with Ty Tabor of King’s X making demo videos, I had to write my rep Ella Stormark over in England about this.


She said because of shipping issues, none will be in the States for a while.


On Wednesday this week, she emailed me and said to order one as they might be here in March at the earlier, or May at the latest. So needless to say, I filled out the form, and while it won’t be in my hands for a couple of months, I will be the proud owner of a new Super Crush 100-watt head!

(Trivia note: Ty Tabor and I were the first two artists to get CR120H’s when they debuted…the perks of being endorsers!)

And on a somber note, it’s been two years since the world lost a true giant in Neil Peart of Rush. Instead of being bummed, I am cranking Rush all day in my earbuds and telling myself “You still have miles to go to be as good as THAT band!”

Even Linus misses Neil…

We miss you, Neil…

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